My name is Ieva Zaumane, I am an internal communication strategist. I believe that communication, cooperation and relationships are an essential basis for starting and running a successful business.

Many managers are fighting with internal communication as a huge elephant while trying to move it. My purpose is to show that with little steps managers can not only move it but also guide in a definite way. It can help to make a healthy microclimate in a team, put a stable basis for organizational culture as well as manage important projects and overcome change and crisis.

I want to help managers become excellent leaders as I believe this helps to build trustful relations with employees, and trust is the main factor that inspires them to follow their leader, and to achieve common goals.

For 17 years business psychology, communication management and organizational systems have been my professional passions. Currently, I help medium and large companies to manage their communication processes strategically which help to raise employee engagement rate and, as a result, improve the financial performance of my client enterprises.

I am also a certified APC coach and I have the certificate “Organisational Systemic Dynamics and Systemic Constellations” issued by The Bert Hellinger Institute and Systemic Constellation Center Riga

I am a co-author of the “HR Management Handbook” issued by “Dienas Business”. In 2019 I wrote a chapter about strategic management of internal communication. Currently, I am cooperating with “Dienas Business” by offering workshops about effective change communication.


APC coach certificate
Knowledge about Systemic Dynamics

Attending international conferences